August is National Eye Exam Month

UV Safety Awareness Month
July 14, 2019
September Is Healthy Aging Month
September 18, 2019

August is National Eye Exam month. It’s a time to learn about the ways to keep your vision clear and keep your eyes healthy for years to come. Did you know that a simple baseline exam can detect certain eye problems long before symptoms occur? It’s true, early signs of eye disease and barely detectable damage can be found during a routine exam and treated/managed accordingly. It’s recommended that persons without known eye problems begin testing their eyes every two to four years, starting at age 40. An eye schedule like this, assuming there are no potential problems, should continue until age 65. At 65 eye exams should be performed more regularly, at one to two year intervals, although the frequency will be decided upon by you and your eye Doctor at Vision Optical. 

Remember that anything that’s found during an exam, no matter how minimal, can be managed or treated, and treatment can reduce the risk for future damage. So, come in to Vision Optical and take the exam. It’s a simple exam, and usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes. There’s no reason to put it off. And then, because it’s National Eye Exam month, let’s encourage others to come in for an eye exam. It’s important. Did you know that over twelve million Americans need some type of vision correction? And most vision problems, especially when discovered early, can be managed and cured. Long term problems based on simple issues can absolutely be avoided if corrected/managed early on. 

Remember, good vision is very important for all aspects of life: work performance relies on good vision, and an eye exam can possibly reveal evidence of systemic diseases such as diabetes and glaucoma. Because vision is so important, and vision problems are progressive—rarely are symptoms present in the earliest stages of injury or disease—this August remember to schedule a routine eye exam or, at the very least, encourage others, friends and family, to do the same. Call and make an appointment with your eye Doctor at Vision Optical today.

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