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September 5, 2017
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September 5, 2017
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The month of August means that the end of summer vacation is approaching quickly. And, while the past few months have been enjoyed at the pool or outside at play, with the school year approaching, it is time to consider your students eye health. If a child’s eyesight has changed over the summer vacation, they could face difficulties in the coming school year. A routine eye exam can find any problems that may have crept up. Problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness could hinder your child’s learning abilities, as well as possibly induce headaches, if not properly treated.

When school begins, most students do not consider their eye health everyday, but, if parents can take the time to teach their children a few tips that promote good eye health, it may just become routine behavior both in the classroom and out at recess.

Hand washing is very important to preventing the spread of germs. Rubbing the eyes with dirty hands can cause illnesses such as pink eye, which is a very common ailment for young students. If students are taught to properly wash their hands and refrain from touching or rubbing their eyes, they will have a greater possibility of not missing school because of illness.

At school, students participate in physical activity in both gym class and at recess, and while physical activity is very important aspect of the school day, most eye injuries for younger students are caused during times of physical activity, especially while playing sports. Encouraging your children to wear protective eyewear when playing sports could prevent a traumatic eye injury. While your child may be apprehensive about wearing eye protection because of the way that it looks, you can promote good eye health safety for your child by also wearing eye protection while you are playing sports.

Eyestrain is common for many students. Because screens have replaced everything in the classroom, including both the whiteboard and, in many cases, the paper and pencil, these screens can cause eyestrain if they are used for long periods of time. Make sure to remind your students to give their eyes an occasional break. If possible, students should take their eyes away from the screen every fifteen minutes or so, even for just a few minutes.

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