Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

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August 20, 2020
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Healthy Aging Month/Sports Eye Safety Month
September 27, 2020

This August it’s important we all remember to make children’s eye health a priority. Children can suffer vision loss too; statistically, 1 in 20 children between the ages of 3 and 5 has a vision problem that could affect permanent vision if left untreated. It’s important that even young children get routine eye exams. Most preschoolers and younger children do not get regular eye exams, and often vision loss is discovered once the child is at his or her desk in a classroom and trying to read either a passage in a book or the writing on a whiteboard. Healthy vision is important, and it’s important that parents not only make it a priority but also spread the word. It’s important to know more about the red flags of vision loss in children; children often are unable to discern a change or impairment. Conditions such as lazy eye, cross eye, and uneven focus should be diagnosed by your eye doctor early.

It’s also important to remember your child’s eye health when he or she participates in sports and activities. Amazingly, every fourteen minutes emergency rooms throughout the United States treat someone for a sports-related eye injury. It’s important that children (and adults!) protect their eyes when they participate in sports and certain physical activities. Sports with balls and pucks are notorious for eye-related injuries. Children should be encouraged to wear eye protection even if the league or club in which they participate doesn’t require protection. And your child will likely wear the eye protection if he or she understands the possible dangers of not wearing any.

Your eye doctor at Vision Optical can advise you on proper sports-related eyewear. And if you have any questions about children’s eye exams, or if you are ready to schedule an eye exam with your eye doctor at Vision Optical then call today.

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