Diabetes and Eye Health: Systemic Disease Can Aggravate Certain Eye Conditions

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Diabetes is a difficult disease, and it’s become more prevalent. Over thirty million Americans suffer from diabetes, although one in four people who have it don’t realize it. And because the month of November is Diabetes Awareness month, it’s time to look at the effect that diabetes has on eye health.

Blurry Vision

Diabetes can cause blurry vision. It has to do by high blood sugar, and oftentimes even a person’s vision that is corrected by glasses or contact lenses can suddenly, and oftentimes temporarily, become blurry. It’s one of the warning signs that blood sugar has gone awry. When it happens the blurriness of vision can and sometimes is corrected when blood sugar goes back into the target range. Unfortunately, it is also possible that the blurry vision may take considerable time to change back to normal; it could take up to three months.

Cataracts and Diabetes

Remember that a cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens. Unfortunately, people with diabetes get cataracts sooner in life, and the cataract itself can become worse, the symptoms more pronounced, faster.

Glaucoma and Diabetes

Glaucoma, put simply, is a condition of the eye where there is pressure within the eyeball, and this pressure causes a gradual loss of sight. In reference to diabetes, the people who have the disease are twice as likely to develop a glaucoma than someone without it. And there is a rare form of glaucoma that is associated with the disease. It’s called Neovascular glaucoma, and it’s very difficult to treat. Sometimes when a person has diabetes the blood vessels on the retina become damaged; the retina, in response, manufactures new blood vessels but then places them in unfortunate places. When it places the new blood vessels on the iris, these blood vessels can restrict the flow of fluid within the eye, and also raise the pressure within the eye.

If you have diabetes you need to stick to a regular schedule of eye appointments. And if you notice any change in your vision, at any time, you need to visit your eye doctor at Vision Optical to determine the cause.

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