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It’s important to keep to regular eye exams for healthy vision. Your eye doctor at Vision Optical can detect potential vision-related issues before a patient becomes physically aware of an impairment. Vision loss, and the eye diseases that potentially may cause vision loss, is progressive and oftentimes without symptom in the earliest stages.

Healthy Vision

That’s why a routine exam, such as a regular dilated eye examination, is important to the discovery of disease or impairment; early detection of vision loss is important to treatment. There are a number of other ways to promote good eye health. Here’s a few of the recommendations to encourage good habits.

In addition to regular eye exams, it’s also important to live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is important for positive physical and mental health, but it’s also important for eye health. It’s important for our eyes, as well as the rest of our physical body, to keep a healthy weight; to eat nutritious foods and abstain or limit heavily processed foods; to abstain from the habit of tobacco use; and, to manage the symptoms of a diagnosed chronic condition.

It’s also important to know and understand your family’s medical history. If your family is genetically prone to certain eye disease or the development of certain eye conditions, there is a chance that you will also develop the same physical impairment and possibly develop the same conditions. It’s also important to protect your eyes from potential injury. Eye injuries are unfortunate common, and eye protection is an overlooked precaution while a person plays recreational sports or even someone who performs simple tasks around the home.

It’s always important to protect the eyes from potential injury. If it feels ridiculous to wear eye protection while participating in sports, it’s far worse to lose your vision forever because of injury. Also remember to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, and remember sunglasses, even in the winter months (especially in the winter months) from the effects of the sun.

Eye health is important for healthy vision. Unlike other physical impairments and potential physical disease, when you damage or lose your vision, the eyes won’t heal. Vision loss due to disease or injury is forever. Remember to keep to regular eye exams with your eye doctor at Vision Optical, and if you or a loved one is due for an exam, call today.

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