October is Eye Injury Prevention Month

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September is Healthy Aging Month
September 5, 2017
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November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month
September 5, 2017
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The month of October is eye injury prevention month and, also, Halloween safety. Half of all eye injuries happen at home. It is important to take precaution to prevent eye injuries that can occur both inside and outside of the home. Acting responsibly and wearing eye protection can prevent most eye injuries.

In the home there are many things that can cause eye injuries. Household chemicals, for instance, can be very hard on a person’s eyes. When using spray nozzles, be sure to spray the chemical away from your body. Many of those chemicals can permanently destroy the surface of the eye. When you are outside mowing the lawn or running the edge trimmer, be sure to use protective eyewear. Rocks and sticks can catch on the blades of a mower or the cord on the edge trimmer and become projectiles that can damage or even permanently destroy a person’s vision. When using power tools, always wear some type of safety precaution around the eyes. Power tools are notorious for shooting wood splinters or pieces of metal into eyes. Also, you should protect your eyes from the chemicals and dust present in most workshops.

Every year on October 31st, children take to the streets with their pillowcases or buckets dressed as pirates, ghosts, superheroes, etc., for one night of free candy. The accessories they carry like swords, staffs, and broomsticks can all be hazards to the child’s eyes. Also, the cosmetic contact lens is gaining in popularity, and, if these lenses are not purchased with a prescription through an eye care professional, the les can cause serious damage to the eyes. Also, items like big floppy masks can obscure a child’s vision. Make up wont hinder a child’s ability to see, but if items like fake lashes are being used, then be sure to apply the lashes in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines. Always make sure to place reflective clothing on the child to make them easier to see at night. Also, bring flashlights with you as you walk your neighborhood, trick or treating. The biggest Halloween safety tip is to use common sense. Make sure that you obey all the traffic signals and act like a responsible pedestrian. Don’t drive your vehicle while you are wearing your costume mask. Acting responsibly can prevent most injuries on Halloween.

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