Safe Toy Checklist: December Marks National Safe Toy Awareness

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It’s common for a child to injure his or her eye with a toy. Every year thousands of children under the age of fourteen suffer eye injuries. The severity of the injury can range from simple soreness to total blindness. The number one way to prevent a child from injuring his or her eye is to purchase toys that are safe; provide a child with toys that are meant for his or her age. And show the child how to use those toys safely, and keep an eye on him or her at play.

When you purchase a toy for a child, consider the inherent risks of the toy. Guns that shoot balls and other projectiles are dangerous and can damage a child’s eye. If you have any questions about the operation of the toy read all the directions on the packaging. Toys that have spikes and other sharp edges are dangerous. Make sure that the toys you purchase don’t break easily; if a toy is broken it’s best to either throw the toy away, or, if you are able, then fix the toy, but don’t allow the child to play with the toy until it’s working properly.

If a child plays sports then make sure that he or she is protected when they play. Make sure that they have eye protection on at all times. Certain sports require the use of face shields, protective eyewear such as goggles, and even a helmet in some cases. Unfortunately, an eye injury can be life-long, and a child may not understand the potential consequences of an eye injury as it relates to their toys or sports. Make sure to supervise children at play—remember that BB guns are absolutely not a toy, and when you allow a child to shoot a BB gun then he or she should absolutely be supervised.

If you have any questions about eye safety, then call the eye experts at Vision Optical today. Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.


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