September Is Healthy Aging Month

August is National Eye Exam Month
August 15, 2019
Halloween Safety!
October 17, 2019

Vision loss affects a number of adults, and although vision loss is not exactly a part of aging, older adults are at a high risk for certain types of eye disease, including: age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, dry eye, and decreasing vision. According to statistics, one in six Americans who are aged sixty-five and older, have a type of vision impairment that cannot be corrected with eye glasses, or contact lenses. And oftentimes these diseases have no early symptoms. And the only way eye disease can be diagnosed is during a comprehensive eye exam with your eye doctor at Vision Optical.  Early detection is the key to saving a person’s eye sight. It’s predicted that eye disease and vision loss will continue to impact the lives of those sixty-five years old and older, and the number of people who suffer these conditions, including vision loss, will double in the next thirty years.

If you are over the age of fifty, it may be necessary to visit your eye doctor at Vision Optical once every year. Regular eye exams are important to long-term eye health. Even if you have great-to-good vision now, eye sight can change, disease can set in without symptom. And your doctor at Vision Optical can help to treat the disease before it develops to a more advanced, irreversible, and debilitating state.

And in addition to keeping to regular eye visits, it’s also important to take care of your body. If you use tobacco stop. If your diet is heavy on processed foods, foods steeped in sodium, fat, and processed carbohydrates, then consider adding more vegetables, especially the green leafy variety. The diet change will benefit your entire body as well as your eye sight. And make sure to wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat whenever you go outside in the sun, and always wear protective eyewear anytime you are participating in a sport or game; protective eyewear is also incredibly important to protect the eyes when you work around the house.

If you have any questions about an eye exam, or if it’s time for you to schedule your next visit with your doctor at Vision Optical, then call today.

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