Sports Eye Safety

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March 9, 2019
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May 10, 2019

Did you know that more than 25,00 people each year are treated for a sports-related eye injury? It’s true. And more amazing than that statistic is that most could have been prevented. Eye protection is paramount in sports. Here’s a few ways to keep eyes safe while participating in sports. 

If you play a sport such as racquetball or basketball—among many others—wear a set of safety goggles that are approved for sport. When eye wear is tested and approved to be appropriate for sport, you are getting the highest level of protection. Regular eye glasses just don’t provide enough protection. 

For sports where the ball is being flung through the air at high rates of speed—baseball and softball—wear a batting helmet that includes a protective facemask and a polycarbonate shield. Amazing that you watch baseball/softball players without any protection for their face. And for those who play hockey, it’s imperative that a hockey helmet include a face shield that is approved and tested safe. A puck, baseball, softball to the face/eyes can be absolutely devastating to vision, and perhaps in severe cases even lead to a lifetime debilitation or blindness. 

If your child participates in a sport, encourage him or her to always wear appropriate eye wear. Even if he or she doesn’t like wearing protective eyewear at first, it will become second nature—kind of like how a mouth guard eventually becomes a normal component of a uniform. 

And if you have any questions/recommendations as to the appropriate eye protection for you or your child, then call your eye professional at Vision Optical. Remember that almost every sports-related eye injury is avoidable and appropriate protection should be taken seriously in any sports-related activity.

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