Sports-Related Eye Injury

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March 5, 2021
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May 6, 2021

Did you know that over 100,000 people every year experience an unfortunate sports-related eye injury? It’s a devastating statistic, and even more devastating when statistics also show that approx.13,000-plus will experience sports-related eye injuries that lead to permanent vision loss. It’s very important to protect the eyes while participating in most types of sports: almost every sports-related eye injury may have been prevented, or at the very least the injury could have been lessened in severity, if the athlete had worn proper eye protection.

While some sports embrace some type of eye protection, others seem to embrace little to no protection. For instance, the sport of Basketball accounts for thousands of eye injuries yearly, but in most leagues and on most school teams eye protection isn’t a requirement. In a sport where there is the threat of possible injury from the ball and also from the hands, heads, elbows, and feet of the opposing players, eye protection should be a primary safety consideration. If you or someone you care about needs eye protection for sports, your eye doctor at Vision Optical can recommend the type of protection best-suited to the athlete’s needs.

Sports-related eye injuries vary, but some of the most common are retinal detachment (It’s a serious injury that requires a surgical repair and likely means that an athlete will never return to their sport), subconjunctival hemorrhage, an eye popped out of its socket (Believe it or not, one poke in the right place with the right force can remove the eye form its socket!), and fractures to bones around the eye caused by the force of thrown balls or bats, elbows or knees, etc.

Hopefully you or those athletes your care about take special precaution to protect their eyes while participating in sports. If you have any questions about sports-related eye protections, or if you are ready to schedule your next appointment with your eye doctor at Vision Optical, then call today.

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