Stay Safe This Halloween! October is Halloween Safety Month.

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At the end of the month children everywhere adorn costumes both cute and scary and go door-to- door, asking for candy. It’s a fun time for children everywhere, but it can also be a dangerous time, especially for a child’s eyes if certain precautions are not taken. Here’s why…

Decorative contact lenses are a problem. They may seem harmless, and some are, but to put a non-prescribed contact in a child’s eye is to put to chance a whole bunch of possible injuries. First, if you purchase a contact lens from a costume shop or a beauty salon, anywhere where they have no business selling an appliance that should only be prescribed by an optometrist, you put to chance the risk of an eye infection. You can purchase these types of contacts through Vision Optical and have the assurances that the contact lens, from your eye doctor, will be in compliance with all the regulations required to be safe for use. If you or anyone you know does (again, not recommended!) use an improper contact lens to complete a costume on Halloween, and you or he or she notices blurred vision, swelling, eye discomfort, or discharge within or around the eye, remove the contact immediately. An improper contact lens could cause certain infections such as conjunctivitis, but also be responsible for a corneal abrasion or a corneal ulcer—bad news.

Also, remember to only use makeup that’s FDA approved for use around the eyes. If a costume makeup has a warning that this type of makeup is not safe for use around the eyes, then don’t use it around the eyes. Make sure to read the instructions and warnings on the labels of the costume makeup before you purchase, because you don’t want to injure your eyes with an improper makeup. And avoid even approved makeup in and around the tear ducts, because you don’t want any inadvertent contact with the eye itself.

If you have any other questions about the appropriate contact lens or makeup, then call your eye Doctor at Vision Optical.


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