Workplace Eye Safety Month

The Leading Cause of Blindness for Adult Americans…
February 19, 2021
Sports-Related Eye Injury
May 5, 2021
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When it comes to eye-related injuries in the workplace the nationwide statistics are staggering: every day approximately 2,000 people in our country sustain eye-related injuries while at work. Some of the injuries seem more common than others, with the bulk occurring in the construction and fabrication trades. The number one cause of eye-related injury is welding-related—debris such as glass and shards of metal and wood are likely to cause an eye injury requiring immediate medical treatment. Power tool usage accidents come in second, statistically. But an eye injury can occur due to some much less common, and less commonly considered, workplace hazards such as digital eye strain; when someone stares at a screen, either a larger monitor or smaller phone, they can develop blurred vision, dry eyes, or even experience a migraine.

But most workplace injuries can be prevented, or lessened in severity, if proper safety precautions are taken. For instance, there are a staggering number of injuries that could have been prevented with proper safety equipment; if protective eye wear is loose or improperly used, its usage won’t prevent injury, and, in certain circumstances, can even be the cause.

It’s important to workplace health and safety that all employees participate in routine safety meetings. And when protective eyewear is required in the workplace, proper training should be required for all employees.

Stay safe. And if it’s time for you or someone you care for to come see your eye doctor at Vision Optical for a routine eye exam don’t procrastinate, call and make an appointment today.


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